Install a Rustica Barn Door
A barn door is a great way to make a statement in any home, as well as create a multi-purpose room.
Install a Rustica Barn Door
With the door shut, the room acts as a quiet and cosy media room. With the door open, it's an extension of the living area.
Install a Rustica Barn Door
We've used barn door hardware to hang the Corinthian 'Moda' door in this guest bedroom walk-in-robe.
Install a Rustica Barn Door
We've used barn door hardware to hang the Corinthian 'Moda' doors in this master bedroom walk-in-robe and ensuite.
Install a Rustica Barn Door
Hanging a door using this hardware is a great way to save space - avoiding a door that swings out/in.
How To

Install a Rustica Barn Door

Products You'll Need Products You'll Need


  • As supplied by Rustica Hardware:
  • Barn Door
  • Fixing Screws
  • Track & Hardware
  • Anti-Jump Brackets


Tools You'll Need Tools You'll Need


  • Tape Measure
  • Socket Set
  • Drill 
  • Various sized Drill Bits
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Personal Protective Equipment


Installing a sliding barn door with hardware is a great weekend DIY project.  You can use it to transform an existing door or cavity slider into a great feature.  We've chosen this beautiful barn door from Rustica Hardware, which is handcrafted in the United States.  

Step 1

Setting Out

Unpack the contents and set out all the door components.  The instructions will indicate how to do so.

Step 2

Fit Tongue & Groove

Starting at the bottom corner, fit the panels together using the tongue & groove.  Each panel fits into place.  Work your way up, piecing the door together. 

Start from the bottom corner, and work your way across

Step 3

Lock the Corner Off

Lock off the bottom corner using the screws provided.  This will prevent any movement as you continue to piece the door together.

Step 4

Installing the Centre Rail

Start by inserting 2-3 vertical panels, and then bring the centre rail down, creating a tight fit.  Lock this off using the screws provided and continue to insert the remaining vertical panels.  

Step 5

Secure with Screws

Install the top and final side rail to finish off.  Secure all corners with the provided screws.

Step 6

Finishing Features

Now we can move on to attaching decorative features! The finishing touch on the barn door we've chosen is the cross features, which we are now ready to attach.  Lay them out to form a cross and screw into place, using the screws provided.  

Step 7

Position the Track Hardware

Use the instructions provided to establish the height and centre line of the track.  These instructions will take into account the door height and give a 10mm tolerance at floor level.  

Don't be daunted by establishing the height and centre lines - Rustica Hardware instructions come with a simple formula to help you calculate them

Step 8

Attach the Track Hardware

Rustica have a range of fixing options for exisiting buildings.  Use the adjustable spaces provided to allow for walls that may not be perfectly straight.  This will keep your track straight, and your door running smoothly.

Step 9

Install Hardware to Door

Use the Rustica Hardware instructions provided to install hangers onto the door itself.  Keep in mind the distances you need to maintain between the top of the wheel and the top of the door.  This will ensure everything fits nicely and the door runs smoothly along the tracks without hitting your floors.  

Step 10

Anti-Jump Bracket Installation

One of the most important final steps is to install the anti-jump brackets.  They prevent the door from coming off the track.  Use the screws provided to fit these brackets to the sides of the door.  The top of the bracket should have approximately 3mm clearance from the bottom of the track.